Drilling Hoses

Tamal Industrial Solutions is a leader in the distribution and supply of high pressure hoses.

With our partnership in our esteemed manufacturer Continental, we offer you over 50 years of experience in metallic reinforced bonded elastomer hoses and has been the first company to obtain certification for all three governing industry standards: API 7K, 16C and 17K standard.

Choose from our range of hoses

1. Drill string compensator hose
2. Rotary hose
3. Cementing hose
4. Riser tensioner hose
5. Flexible kill line
6. Mud booster hose
7. MPD hose – Bleed-off line
8. MPD hose – Mud return line for subsea BOPs
9. Flexible choke line
10. Hydraulic conduit hose for subsea BOPs
11. Well test hose
12. Burner / Flare boom hose
13. Flexible Tauro™Fit choke line
14. Flexible Tauro™Fit kill line
15. Well stimulation / Acidizing hose
16. Blowout preventer control hose
17. Vibrator hose

Using top quality raw materials, sophisticated process control and the very latest R&D systems and processes, our expert teams are able to draw on a comprehensive knowledge base, ranging from material science, mathematics, and physics to advanced engineering and work together with our customers to offer viable solutions for the most demanding applications. Our hose designs assure long service life and outstanding operational and environmental safety

We have a broad portfolio for a variety of drilling applications, such as flexible choke & kill Lines, rotary & vibrator hoses, managed pressure drilling hoses to meet the needs of both onshore & offshore drillers and distributors.

General construction of a High Pressure Drilling Hose

The high pressure hoses are a bonded construction comprising steel and elastomeric materials. The principal characteristic of bonded construction is the build-up of individual layers in the flexible hose wall which are then combined into one unit through vulcanisation. 

Hose assemblies are manufactured as a single bonded unit to specified lengths where the couplings are a chemically bonded integral part of the hose.

Drilling Hose Application Guide

The global partner of choice for industrial fluid product systems and services. For combined solutions – smart and sustainable. Our products are created to the very specific needs of our customer’s applications in nearly all energy and marine industries.

Our partner Continental is made up of a host of sites across the globe and together we boast an excellent track record in providing customized solutions in the most diverse environmental conditions in the energy sector.