Stop The Freeze with Powerblanket

Many industries are negatively impacted by cold weather. Among these are the oil and gas, water treatment, transportation, agriculture, construction and mining industries.

Winter Protection
Winter Protection

These industries have many applications where critical materials and equipment are outside, and exposed to extreme temperatures throughout the winter months.

Freeze protection is vital for water based products, as they begin to crystallize and freeze at 32°F/0°C. When dealing with oil-based products however, it becomes more difficult as the weather and temperature change.

Fuel oils (both clear Diesel fuel and dyed home heating oil) do not freeze, but rather turn into gel or a thicker wax. This process begins to occur bellow 32°F/0°C., and continuously thickens the colder it gets. Once the temperature drops below 15F the wax or paraffin in the fuel begins to crystallize and separate from the oil, making it extremely difficult to handle or to remove from its container. In certain applications, where these fuel oils are transported through a pipeline, insulate any piping that may be exposed to extreme temperature and winds in order to avoid any clogged pipes.

Powerblanket Protect Propane Tanks

Powerblanket’s propane heaters worked so well that we actually only ended up having to wrap one tank per pigtail. The blankets maintained a high enough pressure that the propane transferred to the next tank without any problem.

Powerblanket Tote Heaters

Powerblanket tote heaters maintain optimal heating conditions for temperature sensitive materials and solve viscosity issues. Powerblanket DEF tote Heaters are temperature specific to protect Diesel Exhaust Fluid from freezing. Whether you need temperature control for storage or active use, Powerblanket tote heaters will make a difference.

Tested and Certified Powerblankets

Electrical equipment can cause explosions when used in areas with explosive substances. To prevent this, Powerblanket has developed the most advanced hazardous area heating systems on the market, complete with special wiring and safety equipment to ensure the highest standards of safety. Powerblanket hazardous locations blankets have been thoroughly tested and certified to the most stringent safety standards. Now you can rest easy as Powerblanket solves your heating problems with complete safety.

Control Critical Temperatures in Hazardous Locations