Food Hoses

Tamal’s hoses for the foodstuffs industry are subject to stringent hygiene regulations and numerous standards. To ensure that these are fulfilled, expertise, know-how and uncompromising accuracy are required during the development, designing and production of such elastomer “performers”.
Beverage hoses are suitable for wine, beer, strong alcoholic beverages as well as fruit juices. They feature a perfectly smooth, plasticizer-free lining that does not leave any odour or taste. Ideal for all common connecting systems, our hoses are resistant to CIP cleaning and all harsh cleaning processes in the beverage industry.

Tamal’s ContiTech brand hoses for the food, beverage, and lifestyle industries conform to applicable national and international requirements for food hoses.

To ensure safe operation and the longest possible service life, follow the cleaning recommendations below for food hoses:

Cleaning prior to first use
Elastomer hoses may have a slight odour of their own, which
is technologically unavoidable and can be eliminated by
proper cleaning. Therefore, all food hoses must be
cleaned before first use.
We recommend the following cleaning procedure
before the first use
R Fill the hose with hot water
R Store in the hose for at least ten hours
R Empty the hose

Standard cleaning in daily use
After use or at regular intervals, the hose must be treated
with an ordinary cleaning and disinfection agent.
Special features of extended disinfection cycles
In the case of extended disinfection cycles – such as those
at the weekend or on public holidays – notwithstanding
the concentration specifications of the disinfection manufacturer, the concentrations are to be reduced by at least
50 %. For stand disinfection, we generally recommend
the use of foil-lined hoses. A water bath disinfection /
tub disinfection is not recommended due to the the risk
of penetration of moisture via the hose ends.

Cleaning agents Temperature and duration
Water + 90°C
max. 20 minutes
Steam 2x +130°C
max. 20 minutes
Chemicals Temperature and duration
Caustic soda (NaOH) 2 % at room temperature
max. 30 minutes
Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) 0.15 % at room temperature
max. 30 minutes
Nitric acid (HNO3) 0.15 % at room temperature
max. 30 minutes

We then recommend one of the following
cleaning processes:
ContiTech Industrial Fluid Solutions
D In all cases, follow-up rinsing with potable
water must take place.
If the hose does emit odours contrary to expectation,
several cleaning processes should be used, one after
the other (steam cleaning is very effective here).

See the full CLEANING TIPS pdf.

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