Mining Hoses

Tamal Industrial hoses are frequently used in above-ground and underground mining applications.

Our robust hoses are known for their top functionality and long service life. This is essential for tough applications at all kinds of sites as well as structural and underground engineering.

We offer ideal hoses for the conveyance of all conventional blasting materials (blasting grit, corundum, aluminum oxide, quartz powder, etc.) as well as cement and concrete.

Additionally, we have a wide range of big bore rubber hoses, which can be founded particular in on- & offshore dredging (production of sand & gravel), expansion and deepening of harbour areas, in tunnelling and construction industries.

Hoses can be configured according to customer requirements with inner diameters from 80 mm to 1400 mm and with different connections.

Hose Strings and Delivery Hoses, Operating Manual for Storage, Installation, Operation and Maintenance

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